Issue 005

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on my mind // Intuitive Eating Is Transformative and Also Not as Intuitive as It Sounds by Lauren Strapagiel

This article succinctly and winsomely captures what it’s like to walk though the intuitive eating process. It is written by someone in the trenches of sorting through the lies, burdens and empty promises diet and wellness culture offers.

When it comes to intuitive eating, I’m learning that there are no shortcuts in the journey. I can’t bypass the discomfort of my body being bigger than I’d like by simply buying new clothes that fit (even though buying clothes that fit is vital). I can’t bypass the discomfort of opting not to participate in diet culture conversation. I can’t bypass the discomfort of eating what I know my body needs, even though I have the diet culture committee in my head preying on my fears, telling that what I’m doing will cause weight gain or disease.

And yet, the discomfort of detangling my eating habits from the lies and B.S. of diet culture has paradoxically brought me to a place where I’m able to take more joy in cooking and eating than ever before while not having food decisions occupy more emotional and literal energy than they deserve.

Food is food, no more and no less. I’m learning that living out that truth is a transformative act.

from my feed // @aundikolber

One of my favorite recent follows on IG is Aundi Kolber. I can’t wait for her book, Try Softer, to release in 2020.

in my life // The Great British Baking Show

You all, I am HERE for the GBBS. I’ve been waiting for all the episodes to drop before beginning the new “collection” on Netflix so that I can binge with abandon. I’m sure I’ll report back at some point on my thoughts.

P.S. If you’re a GBBS fan, check out some of my work about the show // The Great British Baking Show: A Lesson in Image Bearing (Christ and Pop Culture) • A Reality TV Show Is Helping Me Follow Jesus (Boundless) • "The Great British Baking Show" Primer (Our Midwestern Life… my former podcast)

final words // From “The Lager Queen of Minnesota”

“She was petite back then, and wasn’t anymore, but her power was that she’d always acted like she had the exact body she was supposed to have, at every age, like most men did.”

As you may have seen on IG, I made a little PDF with a few of my favorite quotes to keep me grounded this fast-approaching season feasting, time with friends and family and lots of photographs.

Click Here for the Printable

The holidays can be vulnerable. I’m tempted to put rules around my food in an attempt to be in control (i.e., sweets only at parties), I sometimes am uncomfortable seeing myself in photographs, and I’m afraid of what people are thinking of me because I look different than I did last year. To be honest, I made this printable for me, but thought you might find it helpful. It’s not fancy, but it serves it’s purpose. Cut out the quotes and tape them wherever you need to.

We were given appetites, so let’s embrace them and not fight them. Here’s to feasting and celebrating.