My name is Abby, and I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember.

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This is a space for folks who appreciate all books offer and want to cultivate a sustainable habit of reading. This space is for you if you count yourself a reader, whether you read two books a year or 200.

This is also a place where we understand that reading is not just a hobby. We want reading and books to shape the culture of our households, whether that is you and your pup or includes boisterous group of kids. I’m passionate about cultivating a bookclub culture in the home, to borrow the words of Sarah MacKenzie.

I believe reading can and should form our imaginations (moral and otherwise), offer a reprieve from this weary world, make us laugh, teach us to love well, educate us on things significance beyond our existence, and tether us to our shared humanity.

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a living hemmed in by books // the books I’m reading and the life that’s following.


Abigail Murrish
I read, I eat, I neighbor, I mother, I work at a church.